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Kirsten Elsner-KoivuKirsten Elsner-Koivu, specialist dentist of oral and maxillary surgery

  • Diplom-Stomatologe University Greifswald (Germany), 1984
  • Department of Oral and Maxillary Surgery in University of Tampere
  • Helsinki University Hospital of Maxillary surgery
  • Department of Maxillary and Facial Surgery, Chichester (England)
  • Specialist Dentist of Oral and Maxillary Surgery, Turku University, 1997

The education included, e. g.:

  • diseases of the dentition and periodontium
  • diseases of oral mucosa and the tongue
  • inflammatory diseases, sanitization of infection foci e.g. before an organ transplant
  • tumours and cysts of the jaws
  • jaw area soft and hard tissue traumatic injuries. Developmental and other deformities
  • reconstructive surgery
  • preprosthetic surgery (surgery before making prostheses)
  • pain conditions in the mouth and facial area
  • TMJ diseases
  • salivary gland diseases
  • maxillary sinus diseases
  • malignant tumours of the mouth and jaws

Antti AhoAntti Aho, LT, EL, anesthetist

Oral hygienist

Sari Jokitie-Mäkelä, oral hygienist

Dental nurse

Kaisa Juuti


Leena VuorinenLeena Vuorinen