Specialist Dental Care

Oral and maxillary surgery

For children

  • Operations for opening the gum over an unerupted tooth
  • Removals of tongue and lip frenulums
  • Extraction of retained teeth — teeth that have not come into the mouth yet

For adults

  • Operational extraction of teeth (e. g. wisdom teeth)
  • Removal of cysts
  • Diagnostics and treatment of mucous membrane changes
  • Extraction of tooth apex
  • Implantology (artificial root treatment)
  • Treatment of oral area pain


For the elderly

  • Diagnostics and treatment of fungal infections, and mouth dryness and tingling
  • Preprosthetic surgery creating more favourable conditions for a new prosthesis
  • Implant treatment e. g. to ensure better retention of a lower jaw prosthesis
  • Treatment of patients with multiple diseases under the monitoring of an anaesthesiologist

In surgical procedures and implantology the reimbursement is 60% of the KELA fee. All treatments may also be done under medical relaxation (light anaesthesia). We also use Analga–Jet computer–controlled local anaesthetic system, which makes local anaesthesia more comfortable.

Our dental hygienist Sari Jokitie-Mäkelä gives instructions for dental care.

Kirsten Elsner-Koivu