Oral Hygiene

The oral hygienist is a legalized expert in oral health care that has gone though a vocational college education.

An oral hygienist promotes and maintain oral health, prevent oral disease, to cure and to rehabilitate. She/He has to be very well knowledgeable of dentistry and nursing.

Duties include e.g. maintenance treatment of implants i.e. artificial tooth roots. Periodontal treatments (removal of calculus and bacterial deposits), treatment and prevention of oral disease, including personal guidance and instructions of each patient. Duties also include aesthetic dental care, meaning whitening and cleaning treatments (soda whitening) and attachment of dental gems. The dental hygienist helps to pick up oral and dental treatment products that are suitable to the client, e. g. toothbrushes, mouthwashes, and the right products for cleaning of the areas between he teeth and to show how to use them correctly.

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